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Triana Yentzen Toro


Triana Yentzen Toro

Graduate Student Research Assistant


Triana Yentzen is an MPP student at the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, and part of the first cohort of Weiser Diplomacy Fellows. Her research interests lie in international development, focused on poverty, inequality, gender, and education.

She holds a bachelor's and a master's degree in Economics from Universidad de Chile. During her undergraduate studies, her interest in politics and public policies led her to become a student council representative. After graduating she knew that she wanted to work in the public sector. Thus, she started as an analyst for the studies division of the Secretariat of the Presidency Ministry in Chile. Her work there focused on policy analysis and research for policy development.

This work led her later to Washington DC, to be a consultant for The World Bank. Working in the South Asia Poverty Unit she focused on improving the statistical development for the region. As part of this team, she participated in the Global Poverty Working Group, an interdisciplinary technical working group established to improve the quality and frequency of poverty and inequality data.

Recently, she finished a three-year Research Fellowship at the Inter-American Development Bank. During that time, she worked with the former Vice-President of Sectors and Knowledge on development issues for Mexico and the rest of Latin America.