At the Lab, we recognize that the wellbeing of youth is intricately linked to the wellbeing of families and communities, so we engage in work that impacts all age ranges.

Early Starts

Childhood experiences set the foundation for future well-being. From improving maternal and infant health to ensuring a successful start in school, we’re helping our partners evaluate what is most effective for giving kids an early start on a good life.

Thriving Adolescents

Adolescence is an important time of change in young peoples’ lives and experiences during this period can have lasting impacts on their future. At the Lab, we’re exploring ways to improve the lives of adolescents in Michigan through partnerships that seek to understand and address the impacts of school discipline, the juvenile justice system, mental health challenges, and more.

Transitions to Adulthood

We believe that Michigan’s future is contingent on the ways we prepare and support the adults of tomorrow. The Lab is involved in several efforts to improve how young people prepare for and succeed in early adulthood – from workforce and career training to post-secondary education, we’re helping our partners better prepare the workforce of the future.