Long-Term Effects of Enhanced Early Childhood Math Instruction

Shira K. Mattera, Robin Jacob, Cullen MacDowell, Pamela A. Morris
Key Findings:
  • Making Pre-K Count: Though not statistically significant, Making Pre-K Count had small, positive, longer-term impacts on children’s third-grade math test scores, compared with pre-K as usual in public school and community-based sites.
  • High 5s: The impact of High 5s on children’s third-grade math test scores in public schools, over and above the effect of Making Pre-K Count alone, was close to zero and not statistically significant.
  • Making Pre-K Count plus High 5s: Making Pre-K Count and High 5s together had moderate, statistically significant impacts on children’s math test scores, compared with pre-K and kindergarten as usual in public schools.
Taken together, the Making Pre-K Count and High 5s studies present new evidence about the long-term effects of early math interventions on children’s later outcomes. Early math enrichment experiences can lead to lasting gains for children across a variety of outcome domains, even years later. The findings suggest that high-quality early math instructional practices could make a difference, particularly for children with the greatest need.” Page 2