Category: Early Starts

New Evidence on the Benefits of Small Group Math Instruction for Young Children

Robin Jacob and Brian Jacob
Key Findings:
We describe the findings from a randomized evaluation of a one-year kindergarten math enrichment program, the High 5s program. The program was designed to provide small-group math enrichment in a fun, club-like format to children who had received enriched math instruction the prior year. Participants included 655 kindergarten students in 24 low-income schools in New York City. Students were randomly assigned to either the “business as usual” control group or to participate in the High 5s math clubs, which met outside of class in small groups with a trained facilitator three times per week. The High 5s program produced a positive impact on kindergarten math skills.
Students who participated in the High 5s small group math instruction made statistically significant and substantively meaningful gains on one of two measures of math skills.” Page 6