Detroit Student's College Pathways and Outcomes

Stacey Brockman, Sophia Chong, Jasmina Camo-Biogradlija, Robin Jacob
Key Findings:
  1. College enrollment among Detroit high school graduates declined between 2010 and 2018, yet full-time and 4-year enrollment increased.
  2. Detroit enrollees are representative of the Detroit student population. The city’s demographic makeup has changed over the past decade, and this is reflected in who is going to college.
  3. The majority of Detroit high school graduates are not college-ready.
  4. Most college enrollees from Detroit are not “on-track” to graduate after one year, and few eventually earn a degree.
  5. Detroit high schools offer a wide range of college-supportive resources. Areas for growth related to college-going norms include increased parent outreach, more consistent long-term data tracking, and counseling students about college match.
  6. Academic preparation is only one barrier to college success. Students report financial concerns, lack of transportation, and family responsibilities as equally large obstacles to postsecondary success.
Only 17% of young people ages 25-34 from Detroit hold a bachelor’s degree.” Page 2